This kit is a GeoNature-mobile demo version.

After installing it, you will have 5 applications installed with a French global map. But the map details are available only for 'Paris' city.

The produced data are avalaible on a demo web server after synchronization.


GeoNature-mobile demo installation guide

You can now login on GeoNature V1 web demo version to check your observations in the database.

Note that the data on this demo server will be deleted one day.

Install and configure your whole GeoNature-mobile workflow

Check or

Note that GeoNature-mobile is actually only avalaible for GeoNature V1.

GeoNature V2 is in developpement :

For now, GeoNature-mobile apps are not compatible with GeoNature V2.

Source : the given maps files are produced with and MOBAC software.